Josh Martin


Josh Martin is a CPA with 10+ years of experience in tax and accounting with multinational companies, high-net worth individuals, entertainers, and families. His true passion lies in being the personal CFO and growing his client’s net worth.  Josh’s clients include youtubers with millions of subs, NBA players, musicians, and actors. Josh is a member of the AICPA, CALCPA, and Talent Mangers Association (TMA). He is also a 2021 Hollywood Reporter Power Business Manager.

Reggie Gooden

(818) 251-8284

Reggie Gooden has over 20 years business experience, specifically in finance/accounting and entertainment. Reggie began his career in entertainment as a performer and music producer, interning at Sony Music Studios in New York, NY. He has produced several projects for hip hop artists and has previously run an independent record label. Reggie has also been an accounting professional for 20+ years, switching to Business Management because of his love for advocating for entertainment professionals. He is also a 2021 Hollywood Reporter Power Business Manager, as well as a member of the Talent Manger’s Association.